Gift Card – Hot water Singing Bowl Massage – half body (printed and posted)



How water Singing bowl Massage resembles more conventional massages. This is the only treatment when I don’t play the bowls. Instead I fill one bowl with hot water and massage you with it.

This Gift Card is a wonderful, out – of – the box idea for a present. Are you stuck and don’t know what to get for a birthday, Christmas, hen/stag present or any other occasion? Look no more! 

Hot water Singing Bowl Massage gives you all the benefits of a sauna session like:

  • helps your body to detoxify
  • boosts your immunity
  •  relaxes your muscles
  • warms you up – especially during autumn and winter months

So if you can’t go to sauna, because you are not good with heat but would like to reap the benefits of it Hot water Singing Bowl Massage is for you!

Please bear in mind that this treatment has contraindications like: high blood pressure or any major cardiovascular  conditions, insensitivity to heat and other conditions contraindicated for sauna session.

The price for the half body hot water bowl massage is £45 and the massage lasts around 40 minutes and can be done on back or front of your body.

By buying this version of the product you will receive a printed and posted version of the Gift Card. There will be £2.50 fee added to the price at the checkout.


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