What are Himalayan Singing Bowls?

Unlike any other singing bowls in the world, Himalayan Singing Bowls are known for their unusual sounds, which seem to hover in the air long after they are played. Sound Therapy with Singing Bowls has been used since ancient times in India and especially in the Himalayas for healing.

The singing bowls I use are of the highest quality. They come from the manufacture of Shanta Ratna Shakya, Nepalese third generation sound therapist. All the sound therapies I offer also come from the teachings of Shanta Ratna Shakya and Shree Krishna Shahi according to the traditional Nepali – Tibetan lineage.  The bowls are Therapy Bowls and are made of twelve metals hand-made by traditional singing bowl craftsmen in India/Nepal. The Singing Bowls are of different sizes and each one works on a particular area of the body. All of my bowls “sing” different tones and have various Hz, which means that they bring different benefits to you. A bit lower you will find 2 short clips that will help you understand how sound and vibrations influence your body. It’s scientifically proven!





How do the Himalayan Bowls work?

Our bodies are built from over 70% of water. Water is a natural conductor of sound, which is carried 5 times as quickly in water thank in air. The sound then penetrates your physical body and reaches everywhere: to tissues, bones, muscles, organs, cells, blood – there is no boundaries for sound. It balances, harmonises, soothes and heals. These properties of sound have been known to different cultures almost from the beginning of time.

Himalayan Singing Bowls create very rich overtones which help to restore balance and holistically improve your physical, mental and emotional health. It’s crucial to understand that imbalances on energy levels might create illness in your physical body. The vibrations of the bowls travel through your body and influence so called cell memory which can help when you want to free yourself from old, subdued emotions; habits or emotional patterns that are no longer good for you. The sounds that my bowls create will help you to relax deeply and go inside yourself. The vibration and sound of the Himalayan Singing Bowls activate the body so it starts producing endorphins and that will sooth your nerves.

When I ask my clients to describe how they felt during the sound therapy, they usually say “It’s difficult to describe”. I completely understand. The rich overtones and deep vibrations that go through your body cannot be really compared to anything you have ever experienced. No words can give justice to the feeling of bliss and tranquillity felt during and after the massage with singing bowls.

Physical benefits

  • Stress reduction
  • Alleviates physical pain e.g. joints and muscles; knotted or tense back, neck or shoulders; any other body aches (the sound dissolves the tension in tissues)
  • Deep muscle relaxation
  • Regulates blood pressure
  • Detoxifies body from toxins
  • Simulates metabolism
  • Increasing energy and strength to help in your daily life
  • Stimulates endocrine glands and regulates hormonal functioning
  • Stimulates kidneys and blood circulation (hot water bowl massage)
  • Improves sleep

Emotional and Spiritual Benefits

  • Calms so called “busy mind”
  • Triggers the release of worries, fears, anger, low self –esteem, anxiety or depression through activation of old feelings which come to the surface and then get cleared
  • Relieving of mental/emotional tension and blockages
  • Soothes, purifies and harmonises your emotions and feelings
  • Feeling positive about yourself and others
  • Being in harmony
  • Experience of bliss
  • Balances and harmonises chakras

A small treat for those who need to see (and quite rightly) before they believe. Sound is a form of energy, so different tones will have different shapes. Enjoy watching.

Available Sound Therapies

  • Anti – stress sound therapy
  • Anti – depression sound therapy
  • Lowering aggression and anger sound therapy
  • Reducing blood pressure sound therapy
  • Alleviating arthritis pain sound therapy
  • Anti – migraine sound therapy
  • Hearing deficiencies sound therapy
  • Balancing chakras sound therapy
  • Cleansing and harmonising chakras sound therapy
  • Full / half body hot water bowl massage. This massage gives all the benefits of a sauna session. The heat from the hot water (contained in the bowl) will detoxify your body and deeply relax your muscles.


All of the above sound therapy (apart from the hot water bowl massage) are £40 per session.

Each session lasts between 40 – 60 minutes.

The price for the half body hot water bowl massage is £45 and the massage lasts around 40 minutes and can be done on back or front of your body.

The full body hot water bowl massage is £55 and lasts nearly 2 hours. Be aware that all massages are HIGHLY ADDICTIVE. Consider yourself warned 🙂

What happens during sessions

I will ask you to lie down on a comfortable mattress. Depending on your preference you could lie on your tummy or back. I will put Himalayan Singing Bowls around you and start playing them to relax you. Once you are calm, and you might be already asleep by then, I start the the main part of the therapy. Depending on your needs, bowls might be placed on your body or remain around you.The hot water bowl massage is slightly different and resembles more conventional massages. Again, you will lie down fully clothed and I will move the bowl with hot water around your body, which will make your muscles relax and start the detoxification process.

Please remember to wear comfortable clothes like a T-shirt and leggins, or thin trousers. I always cover my clients with blankets, so there is no need to layer up with clothes.

If you have any questions about any of the therapies available please either contact me on my mobile or use the contact option at the bottom of the page.