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I came across Himalayan Singing Bowls years ago. My first encounter was quite profound as just in one session the vibrations and sounds allowed me to breath deeply – something that I hadn’t been able to do for quite a while.

Naturally I wanted to know more and started looking for somebody who could teach me this ancient knowledge. Finally I found a student of Shanta Ratna Shakya and Shree Krishna Shahi – great Himalayan therapists who teach and practice according to the traditional Nepali – Tibetan lineage.

During the workshops I observed how my fellow participants changed and calmed down. I also had a very deep experience myself that allowed me to release my old habits and mental patterns. That was the last proof I needed which convinced me that Himalayan Singing Bowls are very powerful tools. After graduating from all 3 levels of workshops I started practising on my own, and have been ever since.

It was only natural that later I discovered Acutonics, a modality that uses Acupuncture points and meridians. However, Acutonics works with Tuning Forks not needles which makes the treatments much more relaxing and available even for children or people who are not fond of needles.

I personally think that both Himalayan Singing Bowls and Tuning Forks are very powerful modalities that can deeply relax you and help with restoring your health to its natural vibration.

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Discover the whole range of therapies using Himalayan Singing Bowls.

Discover the whole range of therapies using Acutonics Turning Forks Therapy.

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